Battery Life & Safety

BYD Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery: ULTRA SAFE LITHIUM POWER

We have subjected our Fe battery to multiple safety tests, from burning, to overheating, dropping, perforation, and crushing.

The BYD lithium phosphate battery (Fe) has proven extremely safe, never losing estructural integrity nor exploding.

BYD Lithium-Iron Phosphate Battery

Extremely long life

The BYD lithium-iron phosphate Fe battery is, additionally, a much safer and cleaner battery technology than lead-acid or lithium-ion alternatives, posing no threat to truck operators who might come into contact with the battery. The BYD Fe batteries will not burn or explode, even under pressure or when punctured, and also cannot contaminate ground or water supplies, even if crushed.

According to the testing result, the BYD lithium iron phosphate (Fe) battery retains more than 70% of its nominal capacity after 15 years. Compared with the conventional forklift powered by lead acid battery, the Fe battery absolutely get a longer duration.

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