Electric eBus and Coaches

BYD ebus, designed for driver and passenger comfort with low noise and zero emissions, is the first Iron-Phosphate Battery powered electric bus in the world. It’s mature, reliable, and successful. The driving range available from the BYD ebus is better than any other comparable buses.

The most reliable electric bus in the world

The BYD electric bus has been certificated both by the ECWVTA and NHTSA. BYD has total 4 factories around the world. The capacity is more than 7,000 units per year. BYD has the most reliable electric bus in the world.

Whole Vehicle Technologies

  • One-step low pass aisle
  • Environmental-friendly, low-carbon and high efficiency
  • Globally leading In-wheel drive technology
  • Intelligent key system, One button to start up
  • Electronically controlled air suspension system for vehicle height adjustice and side kneeling
  • Personalized chairs for the handicapped

Safety Technologies

BYD ebus is armed with high safety measures: vehicle design protection, maintainance protection, short-circuit protection, collision protection, water seepage protection, leakage protection etc. The battery packages meet high safety standards and protections against various magnetic fields are in line with international standards

Battery Technology

BYD ebus adopts its internally-developed Fe battery and the range can reach 250km after a full charge. One single battery package capacity for BYD ebus is 200Ah and the total power capacity is 324Kwh with more than 4000 recharging cycles in a life span.

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