The BYD Electric Car

The BYD e6 is a view of the future! Chinese car makers are too busy catering to their massive domestic market to bother much with exports - but that’s certainly not the case with BYD.

It's China’s sixth-largest car maker and has imported 50 of its e6 all-electric hatchbacks to the UK and begun a process of “polishing” them for the European market by directing initial sales to professional fleet customers, and by engaging consultants such as Ricardo and MIRA to help.

Great Innovations in Style

The style of the exterior combines advanced technology and Chinese traditional elements in perfect harmony. Not only planned to be a new energy car, but also to lead the latest automotive design and styling. The car lives up to its name in both style and power.

The interior will fill you with energy. It's concise and fluent, full of movement and vitality and It's even more graceful thanks to the lighting design. The careful choice of materials and the design processes further enhance the whole sense of advanced science and technology.

Great Innovations in Charging

It's unbelivablely easy to charge. As a Plug-in hybrid car, you can charge QIN by two ways: 3.3KW on-board charger +3.3KW wall-mounted charger for charging in 4 hours 2.0KW on-board charger +1.6KW charger for charging in 6 hours. In the future, QIN can also be charged by a community pedestal charger or even from other fast chargers.

Great Innovations in Safety

Relying on BYD 5-star safety concept and standard design, tested in largest domestic automobile test base, BYD QIN is equipped with super intelligent safety protection devices, which deliver best-in-class safety performance.