The Advantages

Eastern Forklift Trucks have a strong belief in BYD’s lithium-iron phosphate batteries (Fe battery) forklift trucks.

The advantages are huge. The BYD battery charges so fast that you will only need a few minutes during breaks to top it up. Just place the forklift next to a BYD charger, plug it (takes only 4 seconds) and keep it charging until you need to resume operations. Opportunity charging will not affect the life of battery.

This fast charging makes possible to work double or triple shifts with just one battery, when other technologies require you to utilise two batteries.

Revolution for the driver

The safest battery and the happiest users in the forklift industry

The use of the BYD lithium-iron phosphate Fe battery extends total battery life to the point where users never need to replace their truck’s original battery. It also does away entirely with the need for battery maintenance, avoids the emissions associated with traditional battery charging, and removes the expense of buying and maintaining spare batteries, as well as the time, trouble and handling equipment involved in battery changing.

The comparisons are clearly shown in the diagram.

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Revolution for the operator

The lowest cost of ownership in the forklift industry

Reducing operating costs with the BYD lithium-iron phosphate forklift - In the image shown here, the hidden costs of operating a BYD lithium-iron phosphate forklift are compared to those typically found in forklifts powered by common lead acid batteries or by internal combustion engines.

Since the BYD battery never needs to be replaced, there are no costs associated to changing the empty battery with a charged one. The BYD battery is maintenance free, and does not need to be manipulated. These maintenance costs are zero with a BYD forklift. In addition, the BYD lithium-iron phosphate battery consumes approximately 40% less energy while charging and discharging than a common battery.

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Revolution in charging

The BYD solution

Common lead-acid batteries need to be replaced every 4-6 years. This means that for a period of 10 or more years, 2 or even 4 new expensive lead-acid batteries will need to be purchased. With a BYD forklift, with its extremely long life battery life, this investment is no longer necessary.

24 Hour Operation — Without the worry

Spare forklifts, cooling down batteries, and battery swapping are a thing of the past. BYD forklifts charge to full in under 90 mins and runs for 15+ hours. When using opportunity charging, on breaks and downtime, your operation can truly run for 24 hours without thinking about batteries.

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