Eastern Forklift Trucks secure BYD dealership

Written by Paul Brierley on 23rd August 2016

Timing is everything, somebody with glasses and a large brain once said.

Well I beleive this could be one of the most significant days in our short history, we have just signed an exclusive dealer agreement with Chinese giant BYD.

"Who?, never heard of them!" you might say. Well remember the name because you'll be either driving one, riding on one or hopefully moving goods around your workplace with one sooner than you think.

BYD make NINE cars for every ONE Tesla produce. Buses, taxis, terminal tractors all running on BYD lithium-iron phosphate batteries.

And now Forklift Trucks. This company mean business after only 20 years they have 200,000 employees and major shareholders include Warren Buffet and Samsung.

A forklift that you can charge in an hour, no water, no gassing, opportunity charging no problem and an 8 year warranty.

I have been selling forklift trucks for 30 years and I would say this is the biggest step forward in technology in all that time, bigger than the Combilift, bigger than the articulated truck.

This, my friends, is the future and it's going to save our customers a fortune and make us the biggest Forklift Truck supplier in East Anglia.


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